During the last two months we were privileged to have various volunteers here helping with the building project.

Ed & Maria Klippenstein from Hamilton, Ontario, Rudy Dyck from Herford, Germany, Helmut, Lilli and Viktoria Stieben from Herford, Germany, Viktor Stieben from Pforzheim, Germany, Ralph Kemp from Edmonton, Canada, Hermann & Magda Kemp also from Edmonton, Canada.

We are very thankful that God laid it on individual’s hearts to help out here. Although we have young workers that are willing to learn, we are lacking skilled tradesmen that are able to work independently and don’t need a lot of instruction or direction. In the past months the work progressed faster with the volunteer help, despite typical Bolivian delays in getting some materials. In the past months many door frames, doors, cabinets in pastor and teacher apartments/bathrooms/classrooms, windows, and even a pulpit were completed. Seven bathrooms, two apartments and two more rooms are now tiled. The ladies also sewed a cover for our church piano and a bag for the dust collector on the large Altendorf saw.

Workers also need to eat, so we were very thankful that Sister Klippenstein cooked delicious lunches for the workers.

We pray that the Lord may richly bless everyones efforts and sacrifices for His work!