Ströme des Segens

No doubt many of you have been praying that God would work here, and that many people would experience the salvation and freedom that only Jesus can offer – those prayers are being answered in an overwhelming way.

The Jakob Friesen family, with nine children, moved here several months ago to remove their children from the negative influences (alcohol, drugs) that they were becoming involved in, however, none of them were Christians at the time. A few weeks ago, the father became a Christian, and the next day the mother accepted Christ as well. Some time later, one day during the week, Cornelius – age 15 (the 4th oldest) found Christ, and last Sunday, David (the 5th) did as well. The joy radiating from their faces was simply beautiful to see, and the change in their lives an incredible testimony as well. David, although he’s only 14, had already been smoking for some time, but was completely freed from his addiction once he became a Christian, and has had no desire to smoke since.
On Sunday evening the blessings continued, starting before the evening service and continuing long after church was over, as four more of the Friesen children became Christians (Franz – age 16, Tina – age 12, Abram – age 10, and Johan – age 8), as well as David Rempel – age 12 (who’s the youngest in the Rempel family). Eva Janzen, who, with her husband Abram have been attending services since January of this year, also found salvation on Sunday night. The battle between accepting God’s grace, especially if it includes going against the admonitions of parents (Old Colony), is not easy, but Praise the Lord, His salvation message is powerful.

There is an incredible amount of rejoicing, both in heaven and right here in Bolivia… God is sending us revival and is building HIS work here! This is not OUR work… we could work and work without end, but if God didn’t give HIS blessing, all our work would amount to nothing. And really, THIS is what our work is all about: having people find the joy, the freedom and the eternal life that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. Everything else that we do here… building a church, building houses, teaching school… is only a tool in accomplishing that most important priority.

Our revival is continuing as yesterday the second oldest Friesen son, Jakob (age 18) found Christ, and his young cousin, Jakob Hamm (age 8) became a Christian today! It warms our hearts to hear those that have found Christ, immediately express the wish that all of their other loved ones experience the same peace that they have found.

Thank you for praying, and please continue doing so – there are many, many more people yet who need to hear, understand, and accept God’s message to them. Also pray especially for the oldest Friesen boy (Peter), who is very rebellious and is currently rejecting God’s grace. Please also pray for the father (Jakob Friesen), who requested prayer Sunday night as he is still struggling with some issues.